Cost of Living in Fremont, California (Taxes, Housing and More) | Improved Home (2023)

Cost of Living in Fremont, California (Taxes, Housing and More) | Improved Home (1)

Fremont, California is a metropolitan city in the southeastern part of San Francisco Bay. It houses historic landmarks from the 19th and 20th centuriesthCentury, as well as large open green spaces like Central Park and waterways like Lake Elizabeth.

Despite being close to the hustle and bustle of San Francisco and many of the top local universities, Fremont has a slightly slower pace, though it's still home to tech executives and Silicon Valley bigwigs. It has a cool and sunny climate like the rest of Northern California, but also has parks and historical landmarks. But knowing how close it is to such an expensive region, you're probably wondering: how much will it cost you to settle in Fremont?

The median cost of living in Fremont, California is $1,123,800. You'll surely have your eyebrows raised at this exorbitant price tag, but it's even more shocking when you consider it doesn't account for other lifestyle expenses like groceries, utilities, or schooling. That will make it even more expensive to settle in Fremont. With an insanely high cost of living index of 227.2, Fremont's inflated housing costs are significantly higher than California as a whole.

The living wage in Alameda County (where Fremont is located) is about $21.88 per hour for a single adult. The minimum wage in California is $12.00 per hour. This huge gap between livable and minimum wage signals how unaffordable Fremont can be for the average citizen.

It doesn't get much worse than Fremont when it comes to the cost of living, despite the beautiful local scenery and prime "NorCal" location. Below we will detail the rest of the expenses that help make Fremont, California one of the most expensive places to live in the US.

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Cost of Living in Fremont, California (Taxes, Housing and More) | Improved Home (2)

Cost of owning a home in Fremont, California

Homeownership in Fremont, California is only accessible to the wealthy, especially considering theHousingIndex is 247 points higher than the rest of the state. This is certainly a concern as California is already an expensive place to live. The mean cost of aheimin California is $552,800, which is about half the average home price in Fremont.

You'll have a hard time finding viable real estate in Fremont that doesn't cost at least $800,000 to $1 million. These objects are by no means villas. They are single-family houses with around 1,500 square meters, which could be many times cheaper in another, equally beautiful place. There's no question that renting may be the only option for some.

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Rental costs in Fremont, California

Fremont's high price for home ownership means most newcomers will be forced to rent. Rental properties make up approximately 1.3% of Fremont's housing market. Here we've broken down how much it will cost you to rent properties of different sizes:

style of the houseprice per month
1 bedroom$2238
2 Bedrooms$2790
3 bedrooms$3845
4 bedrooms$4713

Fremont doesn't look any cheaper considering rental costs. Almost $2,000 for a studio apartment is double what it costs in other parts of the US. This will make it difficult for young professionals and families to join the Fremont community. There's no question that roommates or significant other are an absolute necessity to lower the rental burden.

Not surprisingly, California is second only to Hawaii on the list of states with the highest rents in the country. It's also important to note that some cities in California -- including San Francisco -- have some of the highest reported rents in the country.However, the average monthly rent for an apartment in Fremont is a staggering $2,470.

To put things into perspective, the following table shows how the average monthly rent in Fremont compares to other neighboring cities in the state of California:

CityAverage rent
Los Angeles, California2.518 $
San Francisco, CA$3.102
San Diego, CA2.433 $
Long Beach, CA2.333 $
Fremont, CA$2.470
Oakland, CA2.830 $

Taxes in Fremont, California

Taxpayers in Fremont, California pay three primary forms of state and local taxes: local property taxes, a state income tax, and state and local sales taxes. Undeniably, California taxes are among the highest in the country, with both sales and state income tax rates generally being very high. However, effective property tax rates tend to be below the national average. Regardless, this all adds up to a heavy tax bill for Fremont residents.

Sales tax in Fremont, California

California is known for having the highest real estate sales tax in the country at 7.25%. However, only a quarter of cities in the state have this rate, as each local government can add its own taxes. With the additional county and city sales tax rate of 2.0%, the total sales tax rate in Fremont, California increases to 9.25%.

Property taxes in Fremont, California

Despite high real estate prices, homeowners in Fremont enjoy a property tax rate that is below the national average. The average effective property tax rate in Alameda County, where Fremont is located, is 0.78% compared to the national average of 1.07%.

Income Taxes in Fremont, California

The state of California has a progressive income tax system, which means the rate of tax you pay depends on how much you earn. There are ten total income tax brackets, ranging up to 13.3% on earners over $1 million. Many people who live in Fremont and work in the Bay Area earn so much that they are subject to the country's highest marginal income tax rate.

Utilities in Fremont, California

Utilities will not be a significant cost compared to the cost of renting or owning a home in Fremont. If you can afford to live there comfortably, you will be able to afford it. Fremont's utility index is actually lower than California and the rest of the country. Still, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200 a month depending on your energy usage. Utilities may include:

  • electricity
  • cooling
  • Heating
  • Water
  • Garbage

When you move to Fremont, you'll never shy away from utility costs, even though your wealth will be significantly dispersed for the cost of a home.

Child care costs in Fremont, California

Childcare will be on the mind of many tech pros relocating to Fremont to take advantage of opportunities near the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Such high-profile careers require daycare or even more elaborate childcare. The area demands a high price for this service, as Fremont's population is significantly more affluent than most.

In Fremont, the full-day care per week amounts to this:

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Altercost per week
Average for all ages$441

This amount is actually not much higher than at other cheaper locations, and the price may go down as your children get older and require less close supervision. Still, you should plan to spend about $1,763 a month for a full-time daycare. Fremont has no shortage of child care center options, with nearly 200 nearby.

Grocery and food costs in Fremont, California

Food is the area of ​​your budget that can either make or break your living expenses. The Bay Area is notorious for luxury dining options and heavy use of apps for food delivery. If you're looking to save some money to make the area more affordable, you'll need to shop at cheaper grocery stores and look for budget-friendly options at the local farmers' markets. The more children you have dependent on you, the more you have to set aside for groceries.

Take a look at this list we've compiled with estimated grocery prices in Fremont:

food itemCost
1 gallon milk3,65 $
1 pound of local cheese$5.00
12 dozen eggs2,75 $
1 pound rice1,89 $
1 pound chicken4,96 $
1 pound apples$2,23
1 Salatkopf1,95 $
1 bottle of mid-range wine14,50 $

Hospitality expenses in Fremont, California

Fremont has many attractions to satisfy your thirst for adventure or your desire to get outside. Residents can visit historical sites such as the Silent Film Museum, Shinn Historic Park, or Higuera Adobe. Alternatively, enjoy the year-round nice weather by visiting Quarry Lakes Regional Park or taking a drive along the coast.

It can be difficult to stay within your entertainment budget in such an expensive region of the US. But you can make it work if you take advantage of free activities and consistently track your monthly expenses. Check out our list of common things to do in Fremont below and how much they cost.

activityprice range
Restaurant (three-course meal for two, mid-range)$47-$98
Fitness Club (one adult, monthly)$30-$60
outdoor recreationFrei
public artFrei

Education in Fremont, California

If you live in Fremont, you may feel intense pressure to send your children to private schools. This can seem like a good decision, especially if you have the funds to support it. But are you paying for a glamorous facade when public school is just as good or even better?

In Fremont, each teacher teaches about 26 students, with area schools paying about $9,332 per student. This is less than the US average, which may surprise you given the area's high-end nature. Read on to learn more about your training opportunities in Fremont:

private school

The cost of a private school in Fremont is what you would expect from an area that knows its residents well. Of the nearly 30 local private schools, tuition can cost upwards of $22,000 and even reach over $27,000 per year. With a wide variety of quality public schools to choose from, you're only willing to pay that much if you believe elite education increases future opportunities. It will surely make your child's college fund poorer.


One of the main draws of the Bay Area are the renowned local institutions such as Stanford, Berkeley and UCSF. The entrance fee is not a small number. Stanford alone costs $18,491per quarter. That doesn't take into account the increased cost of living associated with the area. Without hefty scholarships or a sizable trust fund, a person could owe hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time they graduate.

Technical University

High school students and adults can learn technical skills such as body painting, automotive engineering, structural engineering and more at the Mission Valley ROP. Their adult pharmacy technology program costs a total course fee of $3,500.

related questions

How much do you need to live comfortably in Fremont?

To live comfortably in Fremont as a single adult with no children, you must earn at least $47,590 per year on average. Of course, as the family grows, so does the living wage. A family of four with one working adult needs $97,656, while a family of four with two working adults needs a total income of $134,326.

The technology jobs available in Fremont typically support this cost of living, however, non-technology workers find it difficult to afford this cost of living.

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Is Fremont a good place to live?

Fremont is undoubtedly a beautiful place in the Bay Area. Due to the thriving software and technology market nearby, real estate prices in the area have risen rapidly to match the rising incomes in this particular sector. If you're part of the tech industry, you'll love Fremont and enjoy the weather. However, if you have a regular job under $80,000 a year, this may not be the best choice.

What are the main industries in Fremont?

Elon Musk's Tesla factory is Fremont's largest employer, employing over 13,000 people. There are also numerous technology companies in the city, led by Lam Research and Western Digital, big players in semiconductors and hard drives and storage respectively. The city's waterfront consists of industrial and logistics areas.

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Cost of Living in Fremont, California (Taxes, Housing and More) | Improved Home (3)

Should you move to Fremont, California?

Fremont, California offers the best of Northern California's natural beauty with less of the fast-paced urban features of San Francisco. For the right person, Fremont has everything you could want and more.

High real estate prices for basic family homes will make it difficult for the average buyer to break into the market, so unless you can make big bucks, think twice about moving to Fremont.

Fremont, CA is blessed with great weather, tons of entertainment and culture, and hundreds of great jobs for motivated technicians. If you have what it takes to hack it in the competitive tech space, Fremont could be a good place to call home.

If you haven't quite won over Fremont yet but are still considering moving to the Golden State, take a look aroundWhat Are the 10 Fastest Growing Cities in California?

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